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Pain, tension & stress can take the wind out of our sails & distract us from the things that matter to us most. 

Our mission is to dissolve pain & stress so that our clients have more energy & attention available for their life's purpose & meaningful relationships.

We set out to deliver maximum therapeutic value for ever client, every time. We make good use of every minute, working with focus, discipline, & accuracy to isolate & resolve troublesome muscle dysfunction.

We believe that massage doesn’t need to be painful to be effective. Pain is our body’s way of communicating that damage is occurring or about to occur. We know from experience that accurate massage feels helpful, satisfying & relieving in the moment & doesn’t result in soreness afterward. 

We genuinely care about our clients. We mourn their losses & celebrate their joys. We practice diligent self care so that we have what to give of ourselves. We actively monitor & regulate our own nervous system state in order to cultivate & transmit deep nourishing calm through our presence & touch.

We are honored & inspired to make the greatest possible contribution to your wellbeing that is within our power, & we will persist in continuously expanding & refining our knowledge & skills so as to be of ever greater service to you.

We thank you for the opportunity.