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Caroline Tochtcheva

Caroline Tochtcheva is a New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapist with additional pre and post-natal training under the instruction of Mollie Bollers. She also has a background in pediatric medicine. Her passion for anatomy and biology began as a teen growing up in Moscow, Russia. This passion led Caroline to medical school where she studied both general and pediatric medicine. Upon graduation she was employed as a nurse assisting Pediatric ENT physicians and patients. At this time she was also an active volunteer at a Moscow children’s home. It was her work with children that inspired Caroline to become a massage therapist.

“Working with young children gave me the opportunity to learn physiology of the human body on a whole new level. Babies can’t use words to communicate. As their caregiver I had to understand their body language and developmental stages to interpret their needs. I found a linkto understanding these needs and providing the best possible care I could in massage therapy.”

Caroline was first certified in therapeutic massage in Moscow and then gained her New Jersey license after moving to America and graduating from the Cortiva Institute of Hoboken. When deciding which school to attended for massage licensing she focused on finding a curriculum designed to address specific client needs. At Hoboken Women’s Wellness she uses her training in visual postural assessment, range of motion joint assessment, and muscle palpation to evaluate her clients. To address individual needs she designs client-centered treatments using a wide range of massage modalities including: deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage,stretching, and acupressure. Caroline plans to further her education and gain certifications in medical massage and manual lymph drainage.

Outside of massage, she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and making homemade cosmetics.

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"Caroline was amazing! I am 28 weeks pregnant with a lot of pelvic and back pain issues. Caroline was attentive, patient, and very professional. The massage was outstanding. She paid special attention to my problem areas and worked out many kinks. I walked out feeling better than I have in months! Already made my follow up massage!"

"Best massage so far! Caroline was very attentive and knew exactly where my stress was. I just had a baby 5 months ago and finished school so this was the BEST way to finish up my school year. I had a lot of stress and felt very comfortable with Caroline. Will be back very soon! Thank you."

"Caroline did an amazing job! I had been having hip pain for weeks and she fixed it all! A few days later I was able to run again - an activity I love that I hadn't been able to do for almost 6 weeks. Additionally, she did an amazing job working on my neck, shoulder, and upper back where I hold a lot of my stress. I definitely plan on returning!!"