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Dr. Helen Zaroff

Dr. Helen Zaroff is a Nationally Board Certified Chiropractor and holds licenses in the state of NY and NJ. Additionally, she has over 200 hours in post-graduate studies in SOT (sacro-occipital technique), pediatrics and is Webster certified by the ICPA (international Chiroprctic Pediatrics association). Dr. Zaroff is a is a NYC native and returned to the area after completing her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Ga in 2003.

Being a mom of 2 daughters, Dr. Zaroff has a passion for the care of moms in pre-conception, pregnancy or postpartum. She specializes in the Webster technique which is a technique specific for women during pregnancy. It is a safe and gentle way to adjust pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments that become tight and painful during pregnancy. Treating these areas decreases back and hip pain associated with pregnancy and also allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth. Many expectant mom's visit Dr. Zaroff, even if they are not experiencing any back or hip pain. It is important to have the pelvis evaluated for any misalignments, as this will help ensure a smooth delivery.

Similarly, post-partum can be a very important time in a mother's life to be checked by her Chiropractor, as many times, even the least complicated deliveries can be very traumatic to her body. Sometimes complications can last months to years and Dr. Zaroff is trained to offer gentle, specific adjustments. As a local mom and Hoboken resident, she is proud to serve her community and be a part of the exceptional neighborhood long-time establishment, Hoboken Women's Wellness.

To make an appointment call (201) 688-0122 or email drhelenzaroff@njfamilychiro.com