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Mollie Bollers, LMT

Mollie Bollers, owner & founder of Life Stage Massage  is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Doula & Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 2003.

Mollie currently serves as President of the American Massage Therapy Association's NJ Chapter. She worked as a Massage Therapy Educator for The Academy of Massage Therapy as well as Anthem Institute. 

Mollie has a clear philosophy of manual therapy and patient care, developed over 19 years of actively contemplating and applying the insights derived from research and clinical practice. Her approach is integrative, scientific and client centered.  

A fierce autodidact, Mollie spends countless hours pouring through reference material, synthesizing data and forming connections between seemingly unrelated disciplines including Physiology, Psychology, Infant Development, Herbology, Eastern and Western Philosophy and Mysticism. 

In addition to her self-study and the primary 600 hours of Massage Training through The Institute for Therapeutic Massage in Pompton Lakes NJ, Mollie has completed hundreds of hours of Continuing Education with leaders in the field including Wataru Ohashi, Dr Joe Muscalino DC, Dr Ray Castellino, Elain Stillrman, Debra Pascali Bonero, Peggy Lamb, Julie Tuppler, Diana Moore, and others.

Along with overseeing the practice and working with clients herself, Mollie conducts one-on-one mentoring and group professional development sessions with her staff on a regular basis.

 "As a practice we're always enhancing and refining our knowledge and skills. This keeps it fresh and engaging for our therapists and benefits clients"

At home Mollie is mother to three beautiful children and two cats.