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Catherine Gleeson-Rosson

Catherine Gleeson Rosson was born in Galway Ireland on an entirely self-sufficient dairy farm in the 1960’s

“We grew our own veggies, made our own butter and raised chickens for eggs. Working hard and being of service was like breathing, it’s just what you did.”

When Catherine came to the United States in 1986 she took up work caring for children and the elderly. Her firm, grounding presence gave the families in her care a sense of warmth and structure. One elderly woman who was a Massage Therapist herself, saw in Catherine the heart and hands of a healer and encouraged her to become professionally trained.

In 1994 Catherine attended the Swedish Institute for Therapeutic Massage in Manhattan. The work came naturally to her and she learned how to tap into a slower, deeply restorative pace which she learned she could transfer to her client through touch. Catherine fell in love with the beauty of the work. 

“The ability to cultivate this nurturing, healing energy was like a revelation” 

Since completing her training in 1996, Catherine has worked in Spas and healthcare settings throughout the northeast providing profoundly regulating massage for people of all ages and walks of life. Her intuitive approach centers around sensing and releasing functional blockages in the nervous and energetic systems of the body. Continuing education in Reiki, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Prenatal massage have added additional tools and perspectives to her approach. 

When she’s not with clients Catherine can be found barefoot in her garden where she grows a variety of herbs and veggies, walking at the beach, singing the loudest at church,  and spending quality time with her husband and two beautiful sons who are now 18 & 25.


“Catherine has such a gift and I always walk away so grateful and impressed. She's sure to give special attention to the places I point out but she also finds new, interconnected places that I didn't know were there. She helps me physically, which helps me mentally and emotionally. After seeing Catherine, I'm always reminded that my body is resilient and ever-changing, and it's so good for me to invite an expert in to support my health. Thank you Catherine and team! I'm lucky to have you in our community.” -Becky Burke

"Highly recommend! Came in with intense neck and shoulder pain and left feeling rejuvenated and with tips for how to keep myself feeling better naturally. Skilled professionals and calming atmosphere, strongly recommend Catherine!! 10/10!" - Sarah Jones