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Nikki Targosz

Originally from Detroit Michigan, Nikki Targosz moved to New York City in 1997 to pursue a career in Gemology. After many years working in the jewelry industry, she could not deny her interest in and appreciation for holistic health. In 2010, she enrolled in school for Massage Therapy at Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences in Grand Rapids, MI. She is now working in the field of holistic health and following what she feels is her true calling.

"There is nothing that gives me greater joy then to help transform someone who is feeling anxiety or pain into someone who is feeling relaxed and pain free. That is the magic of massage!"

After completing school in 2011, Nikki spent the next two years working at Health First Chiropractic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She specialized in medical massage and “treatment to findings” which involves understanding the muscular-skeletal connection as well as all systems of the body and treating areas that upon assessment, which are found to be out of balance and causing discomfort. Along with medical massage her skills also include Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, gua sha, prenatal and of course, relaxation.

"I am so pleased to now have the opportunity to work with Mollie Bollers of Hoboken Women’s Health. She has opened my eyes, hands and heart to the world of pre and postnatal massage which is such a special and tender form of massage therapy. It is most rewarding to be able to help bring comfort to women at such an amazing moment in their life"

When not at the center, Nikki's other interests include exercise, spending time with family, friends and her adorable cat Sullivan, and traveling the world. She has been to over 35 countries covering every continent (except for Antarctica). Throughout her travels she has enjoyed learning massage and holistic techniques from around the globe. Her passion and devotion to the industry fuels my desire to continue to learn and evolve every day to bring her clients a mix between ancient as well as modern cutting edge techniques of Massage Therapy.


"Just had an amazing prenatal massage with Nikki yesterday. Up to now (37 weeks pregnant), I had only had prenatal massage on my side, but at Hoboken Women's Wellness, they set up bolsters so that you can lay face down without laying on your stomach. That alone felt great, but Nikki also did an amazing job soothing my aching muscles in my back and shoulders. I really felt much lighter and happier after leaving." - Melissa F.

"Nikki used enough pressure to work out the sore spots without it being painful. She even found a few muscles in my legs I didn't even know were tight! And then I got a yummy tea to go." -Rachelle H.

"The best massage i have ever gotten- it actually helped bring on my labor as I had my baby the NEXT DAY. My mother in law gifted me a prenatal massage and at 38 weeks, i needed it! I was also ready for baby so when the AMAZING Nikki asked if I wanted any labor induction points activated, I told her to go for it. I picked geranium for the oil. it was perfect." -Jenn T.