204 2nd Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030



Quaneecia or "Q'' as many of her friends and clients call her, graduated from The Massage Institute of Memphis in 2013.

The idea of having a flexible work schedule is what initially drew Q to the massage world. However, seeing the positive effect massage has had for her clients and the joy she felt from being able to help others has kept her in practice for the 8 years since.

Quaneecia has had training in many modalities including but not limited to neck and pain management with massage. Sports massage, Reflexology and Hot stone massage. Always looking to grow in knowledge, trigger point therapy and myofascial release and Lymphatic drainage are all educational certificates and classes that are in the near future for her.

When not massaging, Q can be found involved in her volunteer community outreach work,exploring different cultures and cuisines, laughing with friends and family and on a good day sneaking in a quick nap.


“Quaneecia is by far the best masseuse I've ever met. The massage was absolutely amazing and therapeutic” – R Silberstein

“I had a post-partum deep tissue massage with Quaneecia a month post-delivery and it was absolutely amazing. She was very thorough and made my very sore back feel amazing. Highly recommend this gem of a person for your next massage there!!” – S Lynne

"Incredible prenatal massage with Q!" - Shital B.