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Can I get a prenatal massage in the first trimester?

Yes. Because we are specialists, at Hoboken Women’s Wellness you can.

Up until what point in the pregnancy can I receive prenatal massage?

We work with women all the way to full term, 40 weeks and beyond.

How does it work with the belly?

We use a special support system to position pregnant women. Pregnant bellies and breasts are situated comfortably face down, side-lying or reclined.

Are there are some points the therapist shouldn’t touch because they can make you go into labor?

There are acupressure points that can support the onset of labor. The location of the points and technique for stimulating them is very specific and therefore impossible to do unintentionally.

How soon after the birth can I get a massage?

As early as three days or as soon as you’re comfortable getting up and walking around.

What if I’m late to my appointment?

We make every effort to accommodate late arrivals due to unforeseen circumstances. However, late arrivals may experience a shortened service where the full session fee is remains in effect.

What is the cancellation policy?

24 hours’ notice for schedule conflicts. Sudden illness, emergency or harsh weather cancellations may give just 4 hour notice. However, we do appreciate as much advanced notice as possible.

In the event of a late cancellation, what is the fee?

Late cancellations are charged the full session fee for the scheduled service.

What if I go into Labor? Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

If notice of labor is give prior to the appointment there is no cancellation fee. We do request to be notified as soon as possible.