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What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

For a cancellation to be considered "Early" notice must be given according to the following table:

Party of 1: 24 hours notice
Party of 2-3: 48 hours notice
Party of 4 & up: 72 hours notice

Late cancellations for ANY reason will incur 50% service fee. This includes appointments booked that same day as well as reschedules. The full fee will be charged for cancelations with notice of 1 hours or less.

Clients are responsible to mark their personal calendars upon reserving an appointment. Booking confirmations and reminders are a courtesy, (not a condition for the cancellation policy). Clients can verify scheduled appointments by asking our Chatbot at the bottom right hand of our website, logging into the Mindbody site or App.

If a client does not wish to be liable for the cancellation policy an alternative is to book on a "walk-In" basis subject to availability.

What if I’m late to my appointment?

It is recommended to allow ample time for travel and parking. Traffic in Hoboken is often congested with frequent detours. We sugest planning to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to settle in. Late arrivals may experience a shortened service. Late arrivals are responsible to pay for the full fee for scheduled service as the time was dedicated to the client.

What if I'm not feeling well?

If you or someone you've been in close contact with has experienced any symptoms of illness 24 hours or less before your appointment, we ask that you cancel. Thank you for keeping our staff and guests safe! Please note the cancelation policy still applies.

Are there are some points the therapist shouldn’t touch because they can make you go into labor?

There are acupressure points that can support the onset of labor. The location of the points and technique for stimulating them is very specific and therefore impossible to do unintentionally.

Can I get a prenatal massage in the first trimester?

Yes. Because we are specialists, at Life Stage Massage you can! However, if you have any doubts we recommend getting clearance from your OB first.

Up until what point in the pregnancy can I receive prenatal massage?

We work with women all the way to full term, 40 weeks and beyond.

How does it work with the belly?

We use a special support system to position pregnant women. Pregnant bellies and breasts are situated comfortably face down, side-lying or reclined.

How soon after the birth can I get a massage?

As early as 3 days or as soon as you’re comfortable getting up and walking around. No matter what type of birth you had, our specialists can work with you safely and comfortably. Our cushion system allows you to lay face down without any pressure on engorged breasts or c-section incision sites.