204 2nd Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Came here for a pre-natal massage the day before my due date. I was very hesitant due to my extreme ticklishness and my extremely large belly, but it proved a great decision!

The studio is quite small but cozy and relaxing. It's a bit shocking walking in from the hustle and bustle as you essentially enter the massage room right away, but once the door is closed, the music's on and aromatherapy lit, it's difficult to believe you're steps away from the street. Mollie has an amazing massage table with fantastic pillows which allowed me to lay stomach down... like a donut-shaped support system that allows the belly to sit through the middle, taking the pressure off my back. Pregnant women definitely appreciate this rarity in the third trimester. I couldn't remember the last time i was able to lie on my stomach, it was amazing.

Mollie was so thorough and attentive. She asked a lot of questions to thoroughly understand how I was feeling and explained what she was doing throughout the massage. Just the right amount of talking to be communicative without ruining the relaxation experience. Even though I'm insanely ticklish, Mollie did a great job at understanding this and immediately adjusting the moment she sensed any squirmish reflex. A fantastic experience overall, and one I'm grateful to have had in the throes of pregnancy.

Another plus: Spa Finder gift certificates accepted!

- Katie J - NewYork, NY

I really enjoyed my massage with Mollie! I'm not pregnant but there was a Groupon offered so I decided to give the 90 minute massage a try. WOW. It was almost life changing. Mollie knew all my problem areas just from knowing how a body is supposed to move and feel. For example, I've always had problems with one of my ankles/shins and Mollie found it right away. She gave honest advise on how to work some of the areas and even suggested other options such as physical therapy and acupuncture for areas that needed a lot of work. I always appreciate when people are honest and suggest things that are best for you and not always more business for them. However, I will be coming back to Mollie and might try out her maintenance plan which is a monthly massage program.

Definitely worth a visit! Also, the online booking tool was very easy to use. Thanks Mollie!!

- Jenna D. - Hoboken, NJ

Just had an incredible massage with Mollie! She made sure I was comfortable the entire time, especially with my pregnant belly (4 months)! Similar to the review below, Mollie was very attentive and found out about all of my aches and issues. I have not been this relaxed since pre-pregnancy! I also immediately bought another massage, bc I can't think of anything better. Best massage, thanks Mollie!

- Dana L., Hoboken, NJ

This is the best massage place i have ever been to. Molly massage therapis and owner of Hoboken Prenatal Massage, is so attentive, taking the time needed to find out about all my aches, pains, and discomforts. She also uses the right amount of pressure that I need not too soft just b/c I was pregnant. I went to see her in my 8th month, 9th month, and 2 weeks postpartum. I feel she not only prepared my body for child birth but my mind as well by sharing w/me her experiences of child birth and what I could potentially expect from different stages of labor. I delivered right at 40 weeks, to the day, which I feel in part is due to the 9th month massage I received fm Molly. She hit all the pressure points to make you deliver on time (not early). There is really not enough good things I could say about Hoboken Prenatal Massage and Molly. It is genius. I always come out feeling refreshed and like a new woman.

- Theresa B. - Hoboken, NJ

Nothing short of amazing! Mollie is sweet and attentive in a genuine way. Her understanding of body mechanics is such that she uncovered and healed problem areas that I hadn't realized needed attention but only after focusing in on and working the areas I had issues with. I am less than one month away from full term and couldn't feel better!

- Jamie T. - Hoboken, NJ

Just experienced a wonderful healing massage with Molly as a result of an Amazon Local Deal. Had a acute shoulder pinch that her tender, yet assuredly strong and insightful techniques, incorporating Reiki, trigger point and myofascial release therapy completely alleviated all the pain. Literally 24 hours later, I am back in rare form. Thank you Molly. Look forward to your healing wellness again.

- Gina J. - Jersey City, NJ

This was the best massage I have ever had. Not just the best prenatal but best overall. Mollie was very accurate in her pressure points and knew what was tense and needed work.

- Binta P. - Stamford, CT